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Sorry! Yesterday I was going to post this because yesterday it was Nationial Blog Day. So get out and start posting!

This time, I want to teach you the tornado kick. Kay. Here we go!

Tornado Kick
• Start with your more used foot in front.
• Bring the less used foot in front.
• Reapeat step 2 but with the more used foot.
• jump, kick, and yell, HII-YAA!

Ok, Welcome to my blog! Today I want to talk about Going Green. Basicly, the world is going to die if we don’t do some thing about it! So you can do the 3 rs. We all learned those a while ago. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Once when I was little, I was all for getting a toy lightsaber. So I made one out of a soda can and some paper. I loved spying, so I made spy equipment out of things you recycle.

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  • Happy Thunder: I wish you a merry christmas i wish you a merry christmas i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!my life is ruined,because my mom eats hay.
  • Happy Thunder: i hope you dont mind but i copy and pasted your bunny picture.the post also has a picture(and the first!)of my cat,Draco
  • Popular Jumper: awesome series, nessabc!!