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The bell rings to go home. I can’t go back with Blake because Courtney told me to go to her place. I bring my comics to entertain myself while Courtney is doing things. Courtney drags me by my hand to her place. I read my comics while she does it. The things that happened are unspeakable, so I’ll just talk about the next day. Blake and I were walking to class and then it hit me. “IT’S THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!”. I say. “Uh, yeah. Did it take you this long to figure that out?” says Blake. “No. Today is the day Couch Malon posts the captains of bowling for JFF sports!” I say. JFF stands for…


Make your own masterpiece
Here’s how to make a watercolor rainbow!
You need:
• watercolor paper
•watercolor paints
• brush
Directions:Spray water on the paints. Paint red on the paper, and overlap with orange. Then, overlap with yellow, then green, and so on. But let it dry!

Today is Nationial Dictionary Day! So go to,, or now!

Sorry! Yesterday I was going to post this because yesterday it was Nationial Blog Day. So get out and start posting!

This time, I want to teach you the tornado kick. Kay. Here we go!

Tornado Kick
• Start with your more used foot in front.
• Bring the less used foot in front.
• Reapeat step 2 but with the more used foot.
• jump, kick, and yell, HII-YAA!

Ok, Welcome to my blog! Today I want to talk about Going Green. Basicly, the world is going to die if we don’t do some thing about it! So you can do the 3 rs. We all learned those a while ago. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Once when I was little, I was all for getting a toy lightsaber. So I made one out of a soda can and some paper. I loved spying, so I made spy equipment out of things you recycle.

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  • Happy Thunder: I wish you a merry christmas i wish you a merry christmas i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!my life is ruined,because my mom eats hay.
  • Happy Thunder: i hope you dont mind but i copy and pasted your bunny picture.the post also has a picture(and the first!)of my cat,Draco
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