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” Awwwwwwww” says Blake. “What?” I say. ” Courtney took our table.”. She did. Now we have to sit with the nerds. We also have to stay away from the nerds. Courtney struts up to me with her lackeys behind her. ” There you are, doofus.” she says. ” Reports gonna be on meds.”. She says. “Do you think you can remember that?” I nod my head. After she leaves, I get ANGRY. I start yelling at Blake. “DO YOU KNOW HOW SENSITIVE THIS IS ON ME!?!?!? DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO BE WITH LUCAS?!?!?!? THIS IS GOING TO REFLECT MY LIFE!!!” I scream. Blake has no clue what I just said, so he just says, ” I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”. I just take out my memo book and draw emotes. This is a bunny. .”.


I walk in to my summer school classroom where Courtney is there just waiting to give out her “golden insult” which is “Hey, Noah.”. Yes, it’s true, my name is Noah. IM A GIRL! Also, to up the ante, she gives me’ boy toys for my birthday. And when I see the seating arrangments, I nearly pass out. Who do you think I’m next to? If you guessed Courtney, you’re unfortunately right. Yup, a whole summer with Courtney. She’s that horrible. And guess who’s my partner for the big chemistry project? COURTNEY. Well, it was gonna be Heather, but she’s getting her tonsils removed. As I walk to lunch, I say to my friend Blake, ” I’m so mad at Heather’s tonsils.” I say. ” If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be with Courtney. ” Right.” Says Blake. ” I’m sure that was all part of Heather’s master plan.” Then he starts imitating Heather. ” Let’s see, how can I ruin Noah’s life?” He says in a high voice. “I know! I’ll have SURGERY!” I laugh.
How will it all wind down? Wll Noah survive a summer with Courtney? Will Noah find a way to get Courtney to be nice? Find out on the next “episode” of Life Why Do You Hate You Hat Me So?

Yes, I am! Here’s what happened.
My father and I went to a toy store to get a toy for my little brother. We couldn’t find what we wanted so we went to consumer service. We asked if they had Duplo Legos. The consumer service man said there weren’t any. We left, and the first toy we saw was the Lego Duplo kit my brother wanted. We went to the counter. There, the man checked us out, but he scanned it 10 times. “What did you do that for?” I asked. “What?” He said. “5 times the fun. 5 times the price.” So that is how we’re at our Capitol, instead of in our apartment colouring and watching the telly. That is why I am boycotting the toy stores in Chesire. At least until my birthday, which is next month. BYE! 😀

Hey viewers! I’m writing a story I think you’ll like! Every week I’ll post a chapter for you to read! Here’s Chapter one! Chapter 1
It was the rainiest, cloudiest, grayest day all year. And guess what? It was SUMMER. And to make it even WORSE, all my friends went to the pool without me. You’d think going to summer school in Venice wouldn’t be so bad. You’re wrong. Living in Venice means silly school rules like no inhalers. I HAVE ASTMA. Also, when you’re sick, you have to watch every body having fun. Worst of all, it means the biggest bully EVER. COURTNEY CHESTER!

To be continiued!

Halloween costumes on Poptropica

Happy Halloween! So what’s everybody gonna be? Post in the comments!


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